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Height Chart

Height Chart

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Removable Fabric Stickers 

Kids height chart perfect for inside use. It comes in a variety of colours including earth, ocean, forest and sand. I can add custom text to the top of it where it says 'your text'. 

Height Chart

  • 20cm x 130cm
  • Top measurement of 150cm
  • Variety of colours available
  • White background
  • Arched design
  • Red line represents the cutline of the sticker you are purchasing

Removable Fabric Features

  • Phototex polyester fabric
  • Perfect for smooth walls in a caravan
  • Removable, reusable and prepositional 
  • Environmentally safe - PVC free
  • Non Toxic

When installing the height chart be sure to measure 50cm up from the floor and line it up with the 50cm measurement marker on the chart (not the base of the sticker). 

The stickers were designed by myself and are printed using a Queensland based company.  

Sticker orders will arrive separately from other items ordered. 

Decals Application

  1. Make sure the surface is clean and completely dry.
  2. Start at the top of the decal and peel the backing away about 10cms.
  3. Stick that area to the wall first. 
  4. Gradually pull the rest of the backing paper away while smoothing the decal onto the wall.
  5. Decals can be reused and repositioned, however need to be pulled off the wall slowly and placed back on the provided backing paper. 
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